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What Does Scabies Look Like?

What does scabies look like?

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The symptoms of scabies are very well known.  The first symptom of a scabies problem is the onset of itchiness.  The itch is usually mild to start with but increases with time and is often worse at night time than during the day.  The itch can also be aggravated by bathing.  After the intial itching, a skin irritation/rash  appears consisting of small red bumps and blisters that can resemble small insect bites, bumps, pimples or blistered sores.

The parts of the body affected by scabies is extensive although the typical areas of infection can differ depending upon the age of the person. For example, the target areas for children usually  include the scalp, face, neck, soles of the feet, and the palm of the hands. On the other hand, adults are more like to be affected in the following areas:  hands, the webs between the fingers, the wrists and the backs of elbows, around the waist area, knees, around the nipples, in the genital area on the buttocks and the sides and backs of feet. The bumps caused by scabies often (but not always) contain crusted blood. Often the itching leads to sleepless nights and is sometimes mistaken by sufferers to be a problem with dry skin.

What Does Scabies Look Like?

What Does Scabies Look Like?

What does scabies look like in infants and young children?

In infants and young children, a scabies rash often appears on the neck, face, head, palms and soles of feet.  Scabies rashes do not usually appear in these places in adults and older kids.

Often, medical literature and textbooks will  mention “burrows” or “tunnels” caused by scabies.  These burrows appear as thin, gray, red or brown lines, usually ranging from about 2 - 15 millimetres long.  However, they are usually very difficult to see and scratching of the infected area (which is very itchy) destroys the burrows so that they are no longer visible to the human eye.  Sometimes a very small black speck may be visible at the front edge of the track.  This is the scabies mite.

Scratching of the infected area can cause the skin to break open leading to further crusting of the skin. 

 Scabies Treatment

Hopefully the above information helps to answer your question – what does scabies look like?  If you are looking for a cure for scabies without the need for harsh and dangerous medications (which contain pesticides), please read my scabies home remedy article for important information!

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